Video series: Dario Crispini on issues and risks of poor data quality in regulatory reporting

In this video, Dario Crispini covers the following data quality in Regulatory Reporting topics:

  • What are the main regulatory reporting issues that firms should currently be looking out for?
  • What should firms have in place and what preparations should they be making for new regulations?
  • What is the status of firms’ regulatory reporting capabilities?
  • What are the main risks of a poor regulatory reporting practice?

This is a four part introduction to Kaizen Reporting video series from CEO Dario Crispini.

Watch the first video in the series – Why was Kaizen founded?

Watch the second video in the series – Kaizen’s key regulatory reporting services.

If you’re concerned about the data quality of your regulatory reporting, get in touch

Huge thanks to the Wealth Mosaic whom we collaborated with on this project.