We are committed to measuring and reducing our environmental impact and are proud of our low carbon footprint compared with industry peers. However, there’s more that we can do as we seek to achieve net zero emissions for our company by 2030.

ESI Monitor

Calculating our carbon footprint and developing our environmental policy.

In 2021, we appointed ESI Monitor to help us develop our ESG strategy. Adopting their framework helps us calculate our carbon footprint and develop our sustainability and environmental policy and commitments in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the UN’s Paris Agreement and 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Calculating our footprint

We started to calculate our carbon footprint in 2021 using 2019 (pre-pandemic) as our baseline year.

Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint over the coming years is not only fundamental to our ESG strategy, it’s part of who we are and what we stand for at Kaizen and we are proud of our low carbon footprint base compared with our industry peers and as a whole.

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Sustainability & Environmental Commitment

Our sustainability and environmental policy is in line with international goals and commitments.

Our policy aims to ensure that we, as a company, change how we operate so that increasing sustainability and mitigating climate change are at the very forefront of our decision making process.